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Your Global Fluid Technology Partner
Houghton International is the world leader in industrial fluids, providing both high-tech fluid products and fluid management services almost since oil was discovered in Titusville, Pa., in 1859. Since Day One, our mission has endured: to apply innovative fluid technology to help solve manufacturers’ global challenges. Today, as Houghton continues to expand its presence, product ingenuity and service expertise, we are still guided by the goals of our founders.
Our industrial fluids customers fall into dozens of different industries with a heavy concentration in metalworking, automotive, aerospace and steel. We bring a scope and depth of technical services unequaled in the industry – hands down. With facilities on six continents, Houghton helps customers all over the world find new ways to save on overall process chemical and disposal costs while improving production and part quality.
Houghton in Brief
  • Founded in 1865; launched its first commercial product (a rust preventive) in 1867
  • Manufactures specialty chemicals, oils and lubricants
  • Provides turnkey support with fluid management services
  • Privately held and headquartered in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Manufacturing and research facilities in 50+ locations around the world
  • Partners with leaders in metalworking, automotive, steel and many other industries