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Aqua-Quench® 3699
Aqua-Quench® 3699 is a concentrated, water-soluble polymer quenchant with oil-like quenching characteristics. Its quenching characteristics can be varied between those of water and normal-speed cold quenching oil by varying the concentration of the solution.

The quenching speed can be selected to suit the steel hardenability and component requirements by varying the concentration and temperature of the solution and the degree of agitation in the quench tank.

 Product Details

  • Metals: low- and high-hardenability steels and alloys
  • Processes: cold quenching
  • Usage: continuous mesh belt, shaker hearth and rotary furnaces, as well as open quench tanks
  • Advanced polymer quenchant providing oil-like quenching characteristics and less distortion
  • Water base helps eliminate smoke and fumes during quenching
  • Flexibility of quenching speed helps to provide optimum metallurgical properties in metal components
  • Concentrations: 5% and 25% provide the most oil-like quenching characteristics