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Metal Finishing
Use Houghton’s metal finishing products to pretreat and finish aluminum with the latest fluid technology. We specialize in pretreatment for paint and anodizing and electrocoloring aluminum, both for markets and architectural use. Houghton is the market and technology leader, with many years of experience in aluminum finishing.

Anodizing and paint pretreatment give aluminum both needed corrosion resistance and finish appearance. Anodizing provides a good surface for paint to adhere to. When they are applied over Houghton metal finishing aluminum pretreatment products, paints, powder coatings, UV coatings and plastic coatings go on smoother and more uniformly, adhere better, and produce excellent finishes.

Houghton’s metal finishing products are used in the medical device, automotive, computer, aerospace, electronics and solar industries, as well as in construction, high-rise architectural construction and anodized aluminum curtain walls.

The Houghton product line includes high performing conversion coating cleaners, single iron phosphates and cleaners, iron phosphates and zinc phosphates, rinse aids and final seals, accelerators, stripping products, and surface refining additives. Our metallurgists and fluid specialists will work with you to understand your needs and recommend the most suitable products and processes.
For anodizing, breakthrough products include Houghto-Etch™ AX-2050 acid etch, which provides a fine matte satin finish on aluminum alloys while drastically reducing the amount of aluminum sludge produced in conventional alkaline etch. Compared with conventional alkaline etch, this product reduces immersion times by two thirds, reduces operating temperature significantly and removes less aluminum from parts.

Other breakthrough products include: Anodize Additive™ A-520, a liquid additive used in conjunction with clear sulfuric acid anodizing process, allowing anodizing baths to be operated at higher current densities and temperatures while still producing coatings hard enough for architectural use standards. Houghto-Color™ A-558 is another breakthrough product – a premium color stabilizer additive for electrolytic coloring.