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Drawsol™ WM 950
Drawsol™ WM 950 is a water-soluble oil lubricant that is cost-effective for a variety of applications. The product handles both deep and shallow drawing on heavy-gauge steel and tough alloys, and is ideally suited for progressive die operations. Drawsol WM 950 leaves virtually no gummy residue, which makes it easy to remove from parts prior to subsequent processing. It contains chlorine and ester to provide both EP and lubricity.

 Product Details

  • Metals: heavy-gauge steel and tough alloys
  • Processes: deep and shallow drawing and progressive die operations
  • Usage: concentrations can vary from 2:1 for heavy-duty applications to 5:1 to 15:1 for medium-duty operations.
  • Water-soluble
  • No gummy residue
  • Contains chlorine and ester
  • Ideal for product removal prior to subsequent processing