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Metal Removal
For more than 140 years, OEMs and machine shops have relied on Houghton metal removal fluids for their machining operations. Our products are compatible with soft and hard water and are used in many different types of machining centers such as bar machines, boring mills, lathes, chuckers, benders, saws, and centerless and cylindrical grinders.

Unlike the simple oil and water blends of the past, many of today’s coolants are complex chemical formulations of lubricants and specialty additives. Houghton’s fluids do not depend upon sump-side additives, they are more operator-compatible, and also meet application-specific performance challenges, cost constraints and environmental requirements.

Industry leaders in the aerospace, automotive, bearing and construction industry have come to rely on the high performance of innovative Houghton fluids. Our customer base includes Boeing, Vought, NASA, Sikorsky, Timken, Koyo, Schaeffler, Harley Davidson, and foreign and domestic automobile manufacturers.

Breakthrough products like Hocut® 795 are now used in more than 1000 customer sites in the U.S. alone, totaling more than 25 million sump-gallons. Our Dascolene™ and Excelene™ line of neat cutting oils are industry-standard series of machining and grinding oils that carry OEM approvals.

Our metal removal product line includes neat oils, soluble oils and synthetic products that do much more than simply keep pace with changing manufacturing demands; they allow manufacturers to push the limits of speed and feed rates and increase tool life. But our offering is not just about products. When you call Houghton, you also get expert support from metallurgists and fluid engineers who carefully assess your needs and select the best metalworking fluid for your specific application.