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Engineering Services

The Big Picture Advantage for Fluids Testing and Consultation Services

Industrial fluids can be purchased from dozens of suppliers, but only Houghton brings a complete knowledge of metallurgy, chemistry, fluid technology, manufacturing processes, sustainability and specialized waste treatment to work for you. We work hard to understand our customers’ needs so together we can solve complex problems and find new ways to reduce costs, increase productivity, improve quality, reduce waste, minimize risk and protect equipment from wear and tear. 

Houghton’s full-service chemistry and engineering labs work together to analyze customer processes, then recommend fluid technologies, process changes and even equipment upgrades to improve operating performance. 

By applying our scientific approach to whole processes, Houghton delivers a complete solution for long term success.

Process Fluid Management

Process fluid management optimizes the fluids used to make metal parts. Metalworking fluids may be cutting fluids such as coolants and lubricants or washer solutions. Houghton’s process fluid management professionals introduce improved engineering methods and/or specialized equipment to optimize processes, increase profitability, improve product quality and reduce risks. 

Why Houghton? Our engineering team has over 90 years of experience in metalworking fluid optimization, many patented formulas and more than fifty chemists and scientists around the world to solve even the most challenging issues.

  • System Filtration (vacuum, media and pressure types)
  • Tramp Oil Removal (skimming, coalescing and centrifuging)
  • Base Chemical Recovery and Recycling (MVR chemical recovery)
Engineering Lab Services

Do you have a wastewater treatment system that is not operating correctly? Should you change fluids or processes? Are you unsure of how this would impact the function and operating cost of your existing system? Houghton has the personnel, equipment and laboratory capabilities to evaluate your processes and conduct on-site testing to eliminate uncertainty and optimize performance.

  • Process Design Validation - Houghton can perform UF compatibility testing to determine if an ultra-filter is feasible for an application or if it will foul a membrane. Houghton can also perform testing to determine if an MVR or evaporator is feasible for a specific site by simulating full-scale systems.
  • Modeling and Treatability studies - Houghton can provide UF and MVR testing, wastewater treatment comparisons, environmental compliance testing and physical/chemical testing of filtration systems. This includes filter media comparisons and oxidation and electro-chemical oxidation tests.
Engineering Plant and Process Design

Building a new manufacturing or processing plant that uses industrial fluids? Houghton is an ideal fluid technology partner. Houghton’s engineers know the latest trends in chemical processes involved in making metal parts. Using state of the industry technology in plant and process development costs significantly less than attempting to retrofit a poor design.

  • Master Planning – Houghton provides building layouts and recommends sustainable chemistry, process and instrumentation development, cradle-to-grave fluid management and fluid storage and distribution.
  • Process Consulting – Houghton provides waste stream analysis, forensic waste studies, replacement chemical studies, process improvement techniques, process cost analysis and facility upgrade recommendations.
  • Process Control and Automation – Houghton recommends how to integrate your fluid process and wastewater treatment systems.
Water and Wastewater Management

Houghton offers complete water and wastewater management services, including engineering concepts, design drawings, bid documents and equipment. This can be a basic equipment specification or a full turnkey installation of a wastewater treatment system.

  • Purified water production (reverse osmosis and deionizing equipment)
  • Industrial Wastewater treatment (mechanical vapor recompression (MVR), ultrafiltration (UF), chemical treatment, oxidation and biological treatment)
  • Process water recycling/zero discharge (MVR / UF / Recycle)  US Patent Number 8,460,553
  • Oil separation and recovery (MVR and/or UF, decanting systems and chemical treatment)
Non-Fluid Process Management

Did you know that significant volumes of metalworking fluids are lost to wet metal chips? Did you know that your metal chips lose scrap value due to moisture content, or that stringy chip bundles have less value than small chips?  You can reduce costs and increase scrap value by further processing your metal chips. Houghton can improve your performance by providing engineering support in the following areas. 

  • Briquetting
  • Chip processing/crushing
  • Filtration/swarf separation

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