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Equipment Solutions

Houghton partners with equipment manufacturers to support customer goals in reducing fluid usage, minimising costs and gaining operational efficiencies. Our solutions include storage, mixing and distribution systems, fluid monitoring and control units, maintenance, water and wastewater treatment units and solutions that provide EHS benefits.

Storage, Mixing and Distribution

Through customised solutions, fluids are properly mixed to specified concentrations and accurately distributed benefiting productivity, part quality and tool life

Condition Monitoring and Control

Efficiently and accurately measuring and maintaining fluid concentration and usage, Houghton’s monitoring solutions enable longer tool life, reduced metalworking fluid costs and increased process up-time

Product Maintenance and Optimisation

Houghton can offer filtration systems and tramp oil separators to improve fluid quality, increasing tool life

Cost Recovery

These solutions facilitate the collection, recycling and reuse of metalworking fluids leading to lower operational costs and eliminating waste coolant haul-away costs

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Through pre and post treatment of your water and wastewater Houghton can provide equipment solutions to help improve your manufacturing efficiencies while minimising your waste streams and disposal costs

Environmental Health and Safety

Houghton supports your environmental sustainability initiatives by reducing your waste streams and has helped numerous clients achieve zero landfill capabilities.

Houghton Greenlight Monitor Overview