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Inventory and Procurement

Optimizing Fluid Selection and Procurement

Houghton’s portfolio of high-performing metalworking fluids enables our FLUIDCARE® teams to recommend products that will increase productivity, extend tool life, increase the quality of your finished product, and address health and safety issues.

With more than 50 locations around the world, Houghton’s manufacturing, warehouse and research facilities are within reach of most global industrial hubs. This worldwide distribution capability enables our Global Sourcing team to procure the lowest cost products and services.

Technology as a Key Team Member

With a FLUIDCARE® team in place, you can focus on your core business activity instead of your fluid monitoring, ordering and delivery. Flexible programs are designed to meet specific business goals and requirements. Product levels can be optimized and maintained by:

  • Proprietary Data Software for Fluid Monitoring
  • 24/7 On Site Team Availability
  • Regular Field Visits by Technical and Application Experts

“We constantly strive to drive costs down or provide alternative cost-effective solutions to meet customer needs."

Neil Winterbottom Director, FLUIDCARE® Operations