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September 28, 2017

Houghton International Contributes to STLE's Third Edition of Metalworking Fluids

VALLEY FORGE, PA – September 28, 2017 –

The Third Edition of Metalworking Fluids, a comprehensive reference for the Metalworking industry, has been released by STLE. Houghton is proud to have contributed to the publication in three separate chapters, two of which are completely new content.

• Chapter 6 – Metal Rolling – Carl S. Kennedy – NEW CHAPTER IN THIRD EDITION

• Chapter 14 – Recycling of Metalworking Fluids – John M. Burke & Alan E. Cross – NEW CHAPTER IN THIRD EDITION

• Chapter 15 – Waste Treatment Processes – John M. Burke & William A. Gaines – REVISED CHAPTER IN THIRD EDITION

The book is now available here.