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February 22, 2018

Introducing Breakthrough Technology for Automotive Heavy Duty Multi-Metal Machining and Grinding

Valley Forge, PA – February 22, 2018 –

Houghton International, the global leader in metalworking fluids and services, has developed a new versatile soluble oil metal removal fluid for the manufacture of automotive parts including engine and transmission components. This breakthrough technology measurably improves machining and grinding operations, delivering higher product quality and lower operating costs.

HOCUT® 8750 is the first 8000 series product built from the ground up using Design of Experiment (DoE) Methodology to optimize critical performance parameters. It is designed for the machining and grinding of engine components, including blocks, crankshafts, cylinder heads, connecting rods, and pistons; transmission components such as gears, shafts, and bearings, aluminum wheels, braking systems and more. Extensive field testing has demonstrated significant performance improvements on a broad range of metals including high and low carbon steel, stainless and alloyed steel, cast nodular and gray iron, wrought and cast aluminum, powdered metal and carbon particle composites.

Designed to improve operational efficiency, part quality and surface finish, HOCUT 8750, with built-in detergency, runs clean and provides excellent wetting which reduces consumption due to drag out, lowering fluid costs. HOCUT 8750 also has superior dispersibility, improving chip removal and minimizing downtime. It has excellent emulsion stability and low foaming characteristics, resulting in consistent lubrication and heat transfer performance. HOCUT 8750 is also biostable, a hallmark of Houghton expertise, extending sump life and eliminating the need for costly sump-side additives.