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Product Stewardship

Responsible Product Management Through Global Product Stewardship

Houghton’s global mission is to deliver innovative and sustainable fluid solutions that create value for our customers by increasing their profitability and product quality while minimizing risks. An integral part of this mission is Houghton’s commitment to excellence in the areas of Environment, Health, Safety, Security and Product Stewardship.

Responsible Product Management and Regulatory Compliance

Responsible product management and regulatory compliance are integral to Houghton’s core values. Houghton has comprehensive product safety and product stewardship processes in place to assure that:

  • The hazards of our products, if any, are periodically evaluated
  • Risks are managed to minimize potential impacts to health, safety and the environment
  • Relevant information and assistance regarding proper use of our products is provided to our commercial partners and other stakeholders
  • Our products are sold in compliance with the laws and regulations that govern them

Product Stewardship Focus

Houghton is committed to continuous improvement initiatives related to product stewardship and to increasing public awareness and confidence that our chemicals are safely managed throughout their lifecycle. Houghton’s Product Stewardship Program includes completing appropriate risk reviews for the chemicals we manufacture, prioritizing chemical risks, recommending risk management actions where needed, and making chemical health and safety information available to the public.  

Houghton continuously works with our supply chain and customers to identify safer and effective components for product formulations and to ensure that all identified hazards and properties of component ingredients are considered in the product risk assessment, classification and product end uses. Houghton’s risk assessment processes evaluate inherent chemical risks such as toxicity, corrosivity, and flammability within the context of product end uses.