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Product Description

ADD ZPW is a blend of highly effective surfactants for use as a detergent additive and rinse aid with Houghto-Prep ZP systems. It is formulated for use in spray washer operations and can be added to the final rinse stage at temperatures from ambient to 140° F. ADD ZPW will lower surface tension for repaints and other hard to wet surfaces.

Use ADD ZPW as dictated by the soil load and operating conditions that exist in the system. Usually 1 to 5%, based on the Houghto-Prep ZP, is sufficient to improve cleaning effectiveness. Use at 0.25-0.50% by volume as a rinse aid.

Features & Benefits

  • Low foaming
  • Effective on a wide range of soils as a detergent additive
  • Can be used at ambient temperature
  • Very effective rinse aid properties
  • Effective in all levels of hard water