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Product Description

Adrana D 208 US is a high quality, general purpose metalworking fluid recommended for easy to medium duty operations on cast iron and (low to medium alloyed) ferrous metals. It is designed to be used on CNC machine tools, due to its excellent detergency and high wetting properties. Adrana D 208 US is suitable for all removal and grinding operations as well as on stand alone machines as in central systems. Adrana D 208 US is employable over a broad water hardness range.  

Features & Benefits

  • Very high stability-extending the fluid life
  • Good cooling properties that provide sufficient tool life and part geometry
  • Excellent detergency-resulting in clean parts, clean machines and assisting in creating a more pleasant working environment
  • Excellent corrosion protection-due to presence of specific anti-corrosion inhibitors, resulting in lower reject rate and decreasing maintenance cost related to corrosion issues
  • Very low foam - guaranteeing problem free working operations and allowing high pump pressures and flow rates
  • Good Seperations of tramp oil - which, as a result, can easily be removed and thus supporting a long fluid life
  • Environmental compliance - free of chlorine, secondary amines, phenol and nitrite