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Product Description

Synthetic water dilutable quenchants such as Aqua-Quench® series have built-in rust inhibition that usually provides ample protection for work and internal steel parts of quenching systems. But, as good as this inhibition is, it can deplete over a period of time depending on the amount of work put through. At low use concentrations and high production levels, this can occur more rapidly.

However, there is no reason to dump the solution and install fresh quenchant. This would be uneconomical and add to plant effluent. Instead, Aqua-Quench® Inhibitor 211 can be added to the system to refresh rust inhibiting properties without affecting quenching speed. It also protects work against rust after work is removed from the quenchant.

If the aqueous quenching bath is operated at a low concentration, Aqua-Quench® Inhibitor 211 is ideal to supplement protection. Another reason to add extra rust inhibition may be found in the system. If it was designed for oil, fittings may not be sufficiently rust protected, or they may be in poor condition.

Aqua-Quench® Inhibitor 211 doesn't affect fire resistance. It contains no mineral oil, so aqueous quenching solutions remain less hazardous, without oil smoke or pollution. Aqua-Quench@ Inhibitor 211 is also used in plain water quenchants to add ferrous corrosion inhibition.

Features & Benefits

  • Inhibits rust on quench tank and ferrous accessories
  • Protects work after quench
  • Fire resistant - no mineral oil
  • Work is easy to clean
  • Ideal to supplement protection in low concentration Aqua-Quench 251 solutions