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Product Description

Cerfa-Kleen 3550 is the latest development in the Houghton line of metal cleaning and finishing products.  Cerfa-Kleen 3550 has been designed and field tested successfully as a cleaner and oil splitter for single stage in-line heat treat washers for removal of quench oils prior to tempering.  Cerfa-Kleen 3550 possesses the unique ability to quickly and thoroughly separate quenching oils from the cleaning solution in order that the oil can be skimmed for reuse and disposed of suitably, without contaminating the plant effluent.
Cerfa-Kleen 3550 is a completely stable liquid product which is soluble in water in all proportions.  This unique system is formulated with a specially selected group of highly concentrated surfactants necessary to clean metal parts of a variety of soils over a wide range of temperature and concentration.  A cationic polymer has been carefully blended to aid in the separation and recovery of oily soils.

Features & Benefits

  • Low pH for improved worker safety
  • Excellent detergency properties for optimal cleaning of tough soils 
  • Fast oil separation extends bath life 
  • Effective at lower concentrations to reduce chemical costs