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Product Description

Cerfa-Kleen 5334 is an alkaline liquid spray washer cleaner designed to remove lapping compounds, polishes, grinding fluids, and general shop soils on Ferrous, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum and Zinc alloys. Cerfa-Kleen 5334 is free rinsing and will not leave a residue which could affect finishing operations, such as plating. Cerfa-Kleen 5334 was developed for ultra-sonic cleaning of fuel nozzle systems. Cerfa-Kleen 5334 is effective in vibratory deburring and barrel finishing operations.


Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding cleaning capability for optimal soil removal.
  • May be used at ambient temperatures to dramatically reduce energy costs.
  • Imparts corrosion inhibition to parts to protect them from rusting between operations thereby reducing scrap rates.
  • Incorporate corrosion inhibitors that prevent flash rusting of your machinery.
  • Works on a wide variety of alloys which reduces costs via consolidation of products and purchases.