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Product Description

Cerfa-Kleen® 5376 is our "first pH stable and biostable," non-nitrited, spray cleaner with short-term in-plant rust inhibition. Cerfa-Kleen® 5376 is formulated with ingredients that provide a greater resistance to microbial degradation of the fluid. The non-foaming formulation has no chelates, but is stabilized for use in moderately hard water.Cerfa-Kleen® 5376 presents no barrier to subsequent coating or welding. Cerfa-Kleen® 5376 has proven to be an excellent alternative to the use of solvent emulsion cleaners. It works very well in barrel and vibratory cleaning, wet time saver belt grinders, and may be used in all stages of multi-stage washers.Cerfa-Kleen® 5376 has been tested and approved for Ultra-Filtration. This product is MEA-free, thus, no reportable TLV.  

Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding cleaning capability for optimal soil removal.
  • May be used at ambient temperatures to dramatically reduce energy costs.
  • Biostable technology extends sump life and reduces need for costly sumpside biocide addition.
  • Imparts corrosion inhibition to parts to protect them from rusting between operations thereby reducing scrap rates.
  • Incorporate corrosion inhibitors that prevent flash rusting of your machinery.