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Product Description

Cerfa-Kleen 5502 is a liquid cleaner which has been formulated to provide high surface activity, penetration, and detergency for soak, vibratory and barrel cleaning operations.

Cerfa-Kleen 5502 is recommended for the removal of cutting oils, coolants, buffing compounds and general shop dirt.

Cerfa-Kleen 5502 will provide up to 14 days indoor rust protection.

Cerfa-Kleen 5502 can be used on ferrous metaIs, copper, aluminum and zinc. Non-ferrous metals should be processed at lower concentration ranges.


Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding cleaning capability for optimal soil removal.
  • Maybe used at ambient temperatures to dramatically reduce energy costs.
  • Imparts corrosion inhibition to parts to protect them from rusting between operations thereby reducing scrap rates.
  • Incorporate corrosion inhibitors that prevent flash rusting of your machinery.
  • Works on a wide variety of alloys which reduces costs via consolidation of products and purchases.