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Product Description

Cerfa-Kleen® P and Cerfa-Kleen® L products are continuous strip alkaline cleaners for use in the steel industry. Available in powdered (P) and liquid (L) versions, the formulations are designed to prepare surfaces for annealing, galvanizing, tin plating, and a multitude of other in-process and finishing operations.  The Cerfa-Kleen® L series features a stable, high solids product line capable of cleaning heavily soiled strip at low concentrations.  Cerfa-Kleen® strip cleaners have a high alkalinity and corresponding conductivity specially designed for use in electrolytic cleaning applications providing optimum current density.

Features & Benefits

  • High alkalinity.
  • Efficient soil removal and suspension.
  • High solids content.  Low in-use concentration.
  • Low foaming.
  • Enhanced surfactant package promotes soil displacement and optimum rinsing.