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Product Description

Cindol 4687 was developed for use as a lubricant for drawing and forming the difficult aluminum alloys, i.e., 5056, 5052, 6201, etc. This fortified product, with "ND" additive, has shown exceptional results on 5056 alloy rod breakdown and wire drawing.

The unique "ND" additive content dramatically lowers the coefficient of friction of steel to aluminum, aluminum to aluminum and other metals.

Cindol 4687 has been inhibited with an antioxidant which will extend the life of this drawing oil.

When Cindol 4687 is used for wire drawing, it has the following advantages over conventional lubricants: brighter wire, permits faster drawing speeds, dies run cooler, build-up on dies is reduced, faster settling of fines, enhancing filtration and lubricant sump life.

The protective film which remains on the wire keeps it bright and clean. There is no problem with subsequent operations.

Features & Benefits

  • Superior lubrication for rod breakdown and wire drawing applications providing faster drawing speeds
  • Uniquely formulated to provide brighter wire for better customer acceptance/ appearance
  • Formulated to provide increased die life with less particle build-up