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Product Description

Cindol 901 is a low viscosity metalworking lubricant to machine, ream, form, grind, polish, hone and lap aluminum and other metals. Its special combination of premium ingredients will yield better finish, more production, better tool life and closer tolerances. This product dramatically lowers the coefficient of friction of steel to aluminum and of aluminum to aluminum.

Cindol 901 contains no sulfur, chlorine, solvents, mineral oils or halogenic compounds.

Cindol 901 is formulated for use with mist applicators so that extremely small amounts of material are used on a daily basis and most all of the material is consumed in the machining process.

Cindol 901 virtually eliminates the need for subsequent cleaning operations and waste disposal 


Features & Benefits

  • Improved finish
  • Hold closer tolerances
  • Fewer rejected parts
  • Higher productivity
  • Eliminates need for waste disposal