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CommCool® Max

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Product Description

CommCool Max semi-synthetic metalworking fluid has been specifically formulated to provide you with superior performance for all your metalworking needs. CommCool Max series offers the broadest range of performance features in a single product family. The product series has excellent biostability, emulsion stability and rust and corrosion prevention characteristics. This unique formulation provides superior cooling and lubricity properties, which promote increased tool life and superior surface finishes. CommCool Max was specifically formulated to work in both hard and soft water.

CommCool Max is compounded for medium to heavy duty machining applications. CommCool Max has additional lubricity and performance additives that make it the ideal choice when machining a variety of dissimilar metals or when machining tough metals like aluminum, stainless, carbide, and super alloys. CommCool Max has excellent foam fighting characteristics. This is especially evident when used in high pressure, high volume, and through-the-tool fluid delivery system. CommCool Max is the dependable choice for your demanding applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent biostability, emulsion stability, and rust and corrosion prevention characteristics
  • Superior cooling which promotes increased tool life and improved surface finishes
  • Excellent foam fighting characteristics
  • Works in both hard and soft water