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CommCool® Max-N

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Product Description

CommCool Max-N semi-synthetic metalworking fluid has been specifically formulated to provide you with superior performance for all your metalworking needs. CommCool Max-N is one of the most economical and most efficient products available on the market today. CommCool Max-N offers a broad range of performance features. This product has excellent biostability, emulsion stability and rust and corrosion prevention characteristics that exceed most products. This unique formulation provides superior cooling and lubricity properties, which promote increased tool life and superior surface finishes. CommCool Max-N is formulated to work in a wide range of water hardness conditions and to perform well even in moderately hard or very soft water.

CommCool Max-N has additional lubricity and extreme pressure additives, giving it the performance characteristics needed for medium to heavy duty machining applications. CommCool Max-N is recommended for lathes, drill presses, milling machines and CNC machines.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent lubricity properties for medium to heavy duty work
  • Economical
  • Mixes readily with water of varying degrees of hardness
  • Has excellent corrosion protection
  • Can be rinsed away easily with water