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Product Description

Cut-Max H0-6 is a light colored, high performance chlorine-free honing oil. This product is formulated with severely refined base oil plus a special blend of polar, extreme pressure and lubricity additives. Cut­ Max H0-6 also contains an effective anti-mist package.

Cut-Max H0-6 is designed for finishing applications including honing and polishing operations on cast iron and steel components. Its special additive package gives excellent wetability, while its low viscosity ensures good flushing of fines and debris. Cut-Max H0-6 main applications are primary honing with sulphurized stones or finish honing with diamond tools 


Features & Benefits

  • Versatile neat honing oil suitable for all types of abrasives
  • Excellent wetting properties
  • Excellent flushing properties to keep machines and tooling free from debris
  • Resistant to oxidation for long service life
  • Low misting formula
  • Suitable for all types of filtration equipment including diatomaceous earth
  • Low viscosity for minimized drag out on swart.