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Product Description

Dasco Arc NPD 415 is a water dispersible oil type rust inhibitor for ferrous metals.

Dasco Arc NPD 415 provides 6-9 months indoor, or inprocess rust protection.

Dasco Arc NPD 415 leaves a light oil film which can easily be removed with an alkaline cleaner.

Dasco Arc NPD 415 is used at 10% to 15% dilution in water. The application method is very important to provide effective protection.

Application to parts via a belt type spray washer with ability to heat and blown air off provides most effective protection.

Components should always be dry before packing or stacking to ensure longevity of corrosion protection. Drying of processed parts may be achieved through air blow off at elevated temperatures (130° - 150°F).

Features & Benefits

  • Provides 6-9 months indoor rust protection
  • Nitrite free
  • Low odor
  • Dilutable in water
  • Light oil film
  • Easily removed with alkaline cleaners