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Product Description

Dasco Spark 1020 is a high quality, low viscosity dielectric fluid designed to perform flawlessly over a broad range of metal removal rates.

The low viscosity of Dasco Spark 1020 provides uniform cooling of both electrode and workpiece while allowing rapid settling of the metal particles.

Dasco Spark 1020 is a dielectric fluid for mold and die work where good flushing, close tolerances and optimum rates of metal removal are important. 


Features & Benefits

  • Good heat transfer properties enables proper quenching of melted metal and uniform cooling of the electrode and workpiece.
  • Low viscosity optimizes flushing and separation.
  • Low volatility: reduces need to top-up at high working temperatures.
  • Low level of fuming; no unpleasant odors.
  • Outperforms common EDM fluids more than tenfold in oxidation stability, sludge formation, and service life.