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Product Description

Dascolene 4066 is a heavy duty cutting oil for use on ferrous alloys. The synergistic combination of sulfur, chlorine and fat is such that this product enables the user to achieve maximum tool life when working steels in the soft to medium hardness ranges.
Dascolene 4066 will cling to the tool during the operation and continue to provide the extreme pressure lubrication necessary in such operations as horizontal broaching. 
Dascolene 4066 should be used as supplied for severe broaching and tapping operations on ferrous alloys. Where a lesser viscosity is desired or the severity of the operation does not require the "neat" product, diluents such as 100-second mineral oil or mineral seal oil may be used. 
Dascolene is not recommended for use on aluminum or copper base alloys. 

Features & Benefits

  • High level of extreme pressure additives.
  • Low misting tendency.
  • Excellent choice for ferrous broaching applications.