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Product Description

DASCOOL 2005 is semi-synthetic machining and grinding fluid formulated for use in moderate to high severity operations for most ferrous and non-ferrous metals. DASCOOL 2005 will not stain most cast or extruded aluminum grades under normal processing conditions.

DASCOOL 2005 is clean running and biostable assuring long, odor-free sump life and is suitable for both centralized systems and single-sump machines. This versatile formulation has low foaming characteristics in soft waters making the DASCOOL 2005 an excellent choice for high pressure applications.

DASCOOL 2005 is recommended for stainless steel, cast and forged steels, cast iron, and most cast and extruded aluminums. Dilution rations depend on the severity of the operation. Normal operating concentration ranges for machining: 5% to 10%, with a minimum of 5% recommended to ensure biostability. For grinding operations, 3% to 6% concentrations are generally sufficient, however, to ensure biostability it is best to be at the higher end of the recommended range.

The concentration of DASCOOL 2 5 can easily be determined by using a refractometer. Multiply the refractometer reading by 1.7 to determine the concentration of the working fluid. 


Features & Benefits

  • Enhanced lubricity technology improves plant economics:
  • Extends tool life
  • Improves productivity-reduces cycle time
  • Provides superior surface finish - reduces rework and scrap rates
  • Corrosion protection: Does not stain most aluminum
  • Multi-metal compatible: One product satisfies all machining requirements for a wide range of ferrous and aluminum alloys
  • Biostable formulation extends sump life:
  • Dramatically reduces waste treatment, disposal, and recharge costs
  • No repeated need for sump-side additives
  • Easily recycled using coalescing units and centrifuges 
  • Clean-running: High detergency keeps wheels and machine surfaces clean thus minimizing maintenance downtime. Residues are readily resoluble.
  • Lowfoam: Idealforhighfeedsandspeedsandhigh pressure applications