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Product Description

Dromus B US is a general purpose soluble oil for light to moderate duty machining on a wide range of materials.

Dromus B US is high mineral oil containing soluble for easy to medium duty machining, including grinding, on a wide variety of materials including as well ferrous as non ferrous metals. 


Features & Benefits

  • High lubricity - high mineral oil content of emulsions provides excellent tool lubrication.
  • Emulsion stability - readily emulsifies to form stable emulsions in a wide range of water hardness.
  • Good corrosion protection - for both machine and workpieces.
  • Low foaming.
  • Wide application range - suitable for use with a wide range of general engineering materials.
  • Cost effective.
  • Enhanced lubricity provides extended tool life and reduces tooling cost.
  • Provides improved part finish which reduces overall cost through reduced rework and scrap rates.