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Product Description

FC-1 72 is a heavy-duty liquid cleaner with a wide range of uses. It is especially effective for concrete surfaces, where a relatively safe yet thorough and penetrating compound is needed. FC-172 is a clear, blue liquid with a mild, citrus odor and low foam characteristics.


Features & Benefits

  • Especially effective for concrete surfaces
  • Relatively safe, yet thoroug h and penetrating compound
  • Pleasant, milk, citrus odor
  • Low foaming characteristics

FC-172 is safe to use on concrete, iron, magnesium, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanize, tin, zinc, brass and copper. It is also safe on neoprene, nylon, plastic and rubber. FC-172 is considered safe on paint when used in solutions more dilute than 1:25. The safest use concentration depends upon the quality of the paint.