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Product Description

Fenelia Fluid F 601 is successfully used in hammer, mechanical and mechanical/friction presses. The product covers moderate to heavy duty applications with severe extrusion of material (flow) and can be used for the production of complex parts.

Fenelia Fluid F 601 offers not only excellent general properties, but also eliminates tough and abrasive build-up on the dies, to increase die life.

Fenelia Fluid F 601 has very interesting advantages compared with oil based release-agents. During the application, there is no fume, flame and explosion danger, therefore no risk of tool cracking and rapid wear, whilst cleanliness in work areas is considerably improved.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces costs and increase productivity - excellent forming properties, good release, reduces wear on the dies, low foaming, clean surfaces on the metal surface after forging reduce subsequent cleaning operations.
  • Easy to use - easy to mix with water and control with a refractometer, forms a stable solution that uniformly wets the die surface.
  • Operator and Environmentally friendly - graphite and oil free for a pleasant working environment.