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Product Description

Garia 421 CM-12 is a light colored, anti-misting, low viscosity cutting oil with active sulfur designed for use in moderate to severe machining operations. Particularly suited for deep hole drilling, grinding, and other operations where a low viscosity cutting oil is preferred.

Garia 421 CM-12:

  • Contains a unique synergistic extreme pressure additive system that readily reacts at the chip-tool interface forming an extremely effective boundary lubricating film preventing metal-to-metal contact of the tool and workpiece reducing friction thus minimizing heat.
  • Contains fatty oil additives that increase lubricity and enable better surface finish.
  • Provides excellent anti-wear and anti-weld properties maximizing tool life and machine up-time. 


Features & Benefits

  • Light transparent color, low odor
  • Anti-mist, low smoke
  • Excellent lubricity with extreme pressure properties
  • Minimizes chip-to-tool welding (built-up edge)
  • Hold closer tolerances
  • Increases tool life 
  • Effective corrosion/rust protection for parts and machine
  • Low viscosity ensures chips and grinding swarf quickly settle with low carry-off