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HOCUT® 4940

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Product Description

Hocut 4940 is an advanced, high lubricity metal removal fluid specially formulated for heavy duty machining of a wide range of Aerospace materials including aluminum alloys (Series 2000 and 7000), titanium alloys, Inconel, high-alloy steels, Hastelloy®, composite materials, and superalloys. A special additive package enhances machining performance. Hocut 4940 has a superior EHS profile enabling use across the globe.

Hocut 4940 is clean running and biostable which assures long, odor-free sump life and is suitable for both centralized systems and single-sump machines. It provides corrosion protection, inhibits aluminum staining (e.g. Al 7000 series), and lubricates machine ways and indexing mechanisms. This versatile formulation has low foaming characteristics in soft water making Hocut 4940 an excellent choice for high pressure applications.

Hocut 4940 holds the following aerospace approval and conformities:

  • Airbus AIMS 12-10-000 and 80T-30-4010 : ASTM F483 ; ASTM F1110 ; Table A7.1
  • Airbus AIPI 01-02-003 : Aluminium, Titanium, Nickel and Stainless Steel Elementary Parts
  • Airbus AIPI 03-11-001 : Conforms to the requirements
  • Boeing BAC 5008 ca. 5&6: conformance
  • Bombardier BAMS 569-001; Class A, C, D: approved
  • Grob: approved
  • Messier Dowty (SAFRAN Equipment): approved PCS4001/PCS4002
  • Pratt Whitney (UTC): PMC 9151: approved
  • Safran/Snecma: PR 6300/455-201-0-00: approved
  • Motor Sich: approved

Features & Benefits

  • Enhanced lubricity technology improves plant economics:
    • Extends tool life
    • Improves productivity - reduces cycle time
    • Provides superior surface finish - reduces rework and scrap rates
    • Lower running concentration reduces coolant usage
  • Outstanding Biostability: long, odor-free sump life improves cost
    • Extends sump life
    • Minimizes waste treatment, disposal, and recharge costs
    • No repeated need for sump-side additives
  • Clean-running:
    • Low foam: Ideal for high feeds and speeds and high pressure applications
    • High detergency – cleaner machines reduce maintenance cost
  • Compliant with: TSCA, DSL, PRTR, and METI
  • Free from boron, formaldehyde releasing agents, secondary amines, chlorine, phenols