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HOCUT® 795 B

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Product Description

Hocut 795 B is the number one coolant used in Aerospace machining applications. It is a versatile, heavy duty, chlorine-free, soluble metal removal fluid specially formulated to machine Aerospace grade aluminum alloys, titanium, Hastalloy, lnconel, stainless steels, superalloys, and composites. It is also well-suited for all Automotive grade alloys.

Hocut 795 B is compatible with hard water, clean­ running and biostable assuring long, odor-free sump life and is suitable for both centralized systems and single­ sump machines. Hocut 795 B provides high corrosion protection without staining and lubricates machine ways and indexing mechanisms. Low foaming characteristics make Hocut 795 B an excellent choice for gun drilling and other high pressure applications. 


Features & Benefits

  • Approved for all usage areas defined in BAC-5008, NASA, Sikorsky Helicopter, UTC (Goodrich) Aerospace, Vought Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney, and Bombardier.
  • Enhanced lubricity technology improves plant economics:
  • Extends tool life
  • Improves productivity - reduces cycle time
  • Provides superior surface finish - reduces rework and scrap rates
  • Lower running concentration reduces coolant usage
  • Excellent corrosion protection for Aerospace alloys. Protects both parts and machinery.
  • Biostable formulation extends sump life. Eliminates odors. Minimizes waste treatment, disposal, and recharge costs. No repeated need for sump-side additives.
  • Clean-running: High detergency keeps wheels and machine surfaces clean thus minimizing maintenance downtime.
  • Low foam: Ideal for high feeds and speeds and high pressure applications.
  • Superior EHS profile:
  • Minimizes potential health and environmental impacts
  • Environmentally friendly working conditions increase operator acceptance