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HOCUT® 8540

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Product Description

Today’s manufacturing environment requires products capable of performing in many applications. Hocut 8540 is a versatile, semi-synthetic coolant for machining and grinding of ferrous metals such as cast iron, ductile iron, and steel in medium duty operations. It is formulated with emulsifiers, lubricity additives, and inhibitors offering excellent residual fluid film corrosion protection without staining. Its low foaming propensity makes it the choice for high-pressure machining operations.

Hocut 8540 is clean running and bio-stable which ensures a long odor-free sump life. In order to immediately realize the benefits of Hocut 8540, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the machine tool and coolant system before the initial fill of this high-detergency coolant. Use of either Hocut Sym-C or MTC-53 heavy-duty machine tool cleaners is highly recommended. Please follow the directions provided in their product data sheets.

Features & Benefits

  • Next generation coolant formulated without boron, formaldehyde-releasing agents, chlorine, dicyclohexylamine or other secondary amines
  • Clean running, low oil formulation effectively reduces overall machining cost:
  • Superior heat removal translates into increased tool and grinding wheel life
  • Reduced loading of grinding wheels extends time between wheel dressing and wheel changes
  • Enhanced corrosion inhibition protects machinery and parts eliminating costly machine tool repair and reduces scrap rate
  • High detergency keeps wheels and machine surfaces clean increasing machine up-time
  • Bio-stability saves money:
  • Minimizes use of sump side additives.
  • Extends sump life indefinitely, minimizing waste treatment and recharge costs.
  • Hocut 8540's robust formulation supports emulsion stability in hard water while minimizing foaming propensity in softer water.