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Product Description

Machine tools and coolant systems frequently develop residue and other deposits in areas which are difficult to physically clean. These deposits can dissolve into new coolant charges and cause problems such as additive incompatibility, filterability, and/or shortened batch life. Ultimately, machining/grinding performance is affected.

Hocut Sym-C was formulated to rinse deposits/ residues off machines, coolant sumps, and coolant distribution systems. A balanced level of detergents and surfactants are formulated into the product to enhance cleaning capability. These organic components make Hocut Sym-C more effective than standard machine tool cleaners.

A potent, safe combination of two biocides has been included to attack and clean accumulated biofilms. The rust and corrosion inhibitors in Hocut Sym-C will provide short term protection of metal surfaces in your shop and will prevent flash rusting of your machinery.

The use of Hocut Sym-C will improve the appearance of your coolant systems and enhance the performance of your coolant. We recommend its use prior to every new coolant charge.


Features & Benefits

  • Superior solvency dissolves residues/films to leave a "like-new" finish.
  • Outstanding cleaning capability for optimal soil removal.
  • May be used at ambient temperatures to dramatically reduce energy costs.
  • Incorporates a balance of detergency and surfactancy to provide more effective cleaning.


  • Pre-cleaning cycle: add -1 % Hocut Sym-C to system 4 -24 hours prior to dumping.
  • After dumping used coolant from system, charge tank(s) with 3-4% solution of Hocut Sym-C. Heavier deposits will require higher concentrations. Make sure that enough fluid is in the system to ensure that good circulation can be attained.
  • Open the entire coolant distribution system to allow for thorough cleaning.
  • Circulate the diluted cleaner for at least two hours. Larger and/or dirtier coolant systems should be circulated for several more hours.
  • Spray cleaning solution on machine tools, ways, troughs, and other areas which are splashed with coolant during operations. Loosen hardened deposits.
  • Drain and flush with plant water. Spray the system down with fresh water while it is draining. The system is now ready for your new coolant charge.