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Product Description

Hot Metal Lubricant 7156 is a heavy duty, water based forging lubricant developed as an alternative to products containing graphite.

Hot Metal Lubricant 7156 can be sprayed or swabbed on. It is used on drop hammer, upsetters and mechanical presses. Hot Metal Lubricant 7156 contains lubricity additives for improved die life and contains high temperature wetting agents.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces costs and increase productivity - excellent forming properties, good release, reduces wear on the dies, low foaming, clean surfaces on the metal surface after forging reduce subsequent cleaning operations.
  • Easy to use - easy to mix with water and control with a refractometer, forms a stable solution that uniformly wets the die surface.
  • Operator and Environmentally friendly - graphite and oil free for a pleasant working environment.