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Product Description

Houghto-Clean 5602 is an inhibited muriatic acid product used for removing scale and phosphate buildup in washers. It is also used for pickling hot rolled steel and removing rust from iron and steel.

Houghto-Clean 5602 is used for descaling approximately 10% by volume from room temperature to 120°F. When used in pickling, use a solution of 10 to 30% by volume from room temperature to 120°F.

Consult the separate acid descaling procedure for the most effective method of descaling spray washers.


Features & Benefits

  • Efficient removal of all scale deposits including hardwater and phosphate build-up
  • Inhibited to minimize degradation of process equipment and to reduce iron dissolution when used to remove rust from steel surfaces.
  • Fast acting to reduce processing time
  • Free rinsing
  • Controlled fuming with proper ventilation