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Product Description

Houghto-Clean 5655 is a heavy-duty liquid cleaner formulated for use in both spray washer and immersion tank operations. It incorporates a unique blend of surfactants that remain stable in highly caustic media to maintain cleaning effectiveness. Heavy soil is quickly removed by highly active penetrating agents and sequestrants. A high tolerance for contamination provides sustained cleaning power and longer tank life.

Houghto-Clean 5655 is used at 1 - 4% by volume, 120 to 170° F, for 1 minute in spray washer systems. A concentration of 5 to 15% at 160°F for 3 to 7 minutes is generally used for immersion operations. Extremely heavy soil loads may require higher concentrations. A rolling boil often provides sufficient agitation to increase the cleaning effectiveness on difficult soil loads. Other means of agitation include air and mechanical. Safe on iron, steel and copper (may darken some alloys) : not safe on aluminum, galvanize, zinc diecast and other soft metals, when used at high concentrations or temperatures.


Features & Benefits

  • Concentrated for cleaning even the toughest of soils
  • Free rinsing
  • Can be use in both spray and immersion systems
  • Works at lower temperatures than similar products
  • Can be carefully used on aluminum and galvanized substrates when temperature, concentration and time are controlled.