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Product Description

Houghto-Clean 8140 is a non-nitrited, spray cleaner with short-term in-plant rust protection and can be used on all substrates. Houghto-Clean 8140 presents no barrier to subsequent coating or welding. Houghto-Clean 8140 has proven to be an excellent alternative to the use of solvent emulsion cleaners and organic synthetics. Houghto-Clean 8140 can be used as a phosphatizing pre-cleaner, and may be used in all stages of multi-stage washers. The low organic, phosphate free formula provides for excellent waste treatability.

Houghto-Clean 8140 is typically used at 1 to 5% by volume at up to 50 psi. Temperature operating range is ambient up to 160° F.


Features & Benefits

  • Free Rinsing
  • Low Solids
  • Flash rust protection
  • Non-phosphate, non-silicate
  • Multiple substrate capability
  • Versatile application systems