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Product Description

Houghto-Clean 8170 is a neutral pre-cleaner designed exclusively for use prior to Houghto-Prep ZP Technology conversion coatings where heavy soils need to be removed prior to treatment. Houghto-Clean 8170 presents no barrier to subsequent coating and can be used on all substrates. Houghto-Clean 8170 contains a blend of low solids and efficient organic package designed to eliminate effluent problems. The product is compatible with all alloys and contains residual corrosion inhibition to cast iron and steel parts.

The synergistic combination of natural materials present in Houghto-Clean 8170 provides very high cleaning performance enabling the removal of a wide range of oils, greases and soils. Heavy overflow of rinse between the Houghto-Clean 8170 and Houghto-Prep ZP Technology treatment stage is not necessary therefore maximizing reduced effluent potential.

Houghto-Clean 8170 is typically used in spray systems at 1 to 5% by volume and 5 to 20% for Immersion and ultrasonic systems. Temperature operating range is 85° F to 150° F.

Features & Benefits

  • Free rinsing
  • Low solids
  • Flash rust protection
  • Non-phosphated, non-silicated
  • Multiple substrate capability
  • Versatile application systems