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Product Description

Houghto Deox A-1745L is a non-chromated liquid concentrate used for desmutting and deoxidizing aluminum and its alloys.Houghto Deox A-1745L will effectively remove oxides and a variety of smut residues, including copper and silicon, following an etch step.Houghto Deox A-1745L will help remove oxides and etch residues quickly without attacking the aluminum substrate, leaving the surface clean and activated for anodizing.

Features & Benefits

  • Replaces products based on chromic acid
  • Eliminates waste disposal problems
  • Long bath life
  • It is not necessary to dump the desmut bath frequently
  • Parts will desmut effectively
  • Leaves clean, ready-toanodize parts
  • Easy to use - Deoxidizes many different alloys