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Product Description

Houghto Etch AX-1897 is a specially formulated liquid concentrate with chelator and grain refiners for use with dry or liquid caustic etches. Houghto Etch AX-1897 produces less foam than other conventional products. It will provide a long life etch bath for aluminum and its alloys, and provide an even matte finish without staining. The Houghto Etch AX-1897 caustic etch bath, under normal circumstances, never needs to be dumped, provided the Houghto Etch AX-1897 concentration is properly maintained and drag-out is normal. The aluminum concentration is allowed to reach equilibrium, which occurs when the amount of aluminum dissolved equals the amount drug out. Houghto Etch AX-1897 also prevents scale formation caused by the precipitation of aluminum and hard water salts. Houghto Etch AX-1897 cannot be used in conjunction with caustic recovery systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Exceptionally fine finish
  • Provides a satin appearance
  • Reduced foam
  • Less boil-over
  • Never needs to be dumped
  • Lower operating costs and reduced waste treatment
  • Prevents scale formation
  • Fewer tank clean-outs. Reduces labor costs and down time