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Product Description

HOUGHTO ETCH AX-2050 is a highly effective acid etch formulated to provide a fine matte satin finish on aluminum alloys prior to anodizing. HOUGHTO ETCH AX-2050 does an excellent job of concealing surface defects such as die lines, flow lines and mild scratches.

HOUGHTO ETCH AX-2050 is very effective in removing scale and oxide from aluminum which has been stored for long periods of time. It also does an excellent job minimizing pitting and snow flake corrosion.

HOUGHTO ETCH AX-2050 is specially designed to etch aluminum, however it can also remove general soils, cutting oils and shop dirt from aluminum as well as produce a superb etch finish all in the same bath. This will allow for faster production runs while still producing a superior finish. While many alloys will not require additional deoxidizing, some alloys will need further desmutting especially when anodizing. Unlike an alkaline etch, HOUGHTO ETCH AX-2050 will produce a more matte finish with a significantly less aluminum removal rate than typical caustic etch baths.

Features & Benefits

  • Acid process — pH around 4.5 to 6.5

  • Provides a fine matte finish — Satin appearance

  • Provides a superior etch — Produces a more matte finish than alkaline etch baths

  • Helps conceal surface defects — Excellent in concealing die lines, flow lines light scratch

  • Very low aluminum removal — Reduces sludge produced in waste treatment by 60–80%