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Product Description

Houghto-Phos 6100 is a manganese phosphate product designed to be used for break-in lubrication purposes on iron and steel components.

Houghto-Phos 6100 is used in conjunction with Houghto-Conditioner PM2 to produce finer and more consistent manganese phosphate crystal morphology than similar products.

Houghto-Phos 6100 is applied by immersion with a normal process coating weight range of 500-1000 mg/ ft2.

Houghto-Phos 6100 is normally used in an immersion process that also includes Houghto-Clean.

Features & Benefits

  • Improved crystal morphology when compared to similar manganese phosphate products
  • Expanded operating window in regard to total acid, free acid, and acid ratio when compared to similar products
  • High coating weights
  • Can be used in a wide range of processes including ring& pinion, piston ring, hydraulic, and oil field applications