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Product Description

Houghto Roll CRS 700 is an advanced synthetic cold rolling oil designed to provide optimum and uniform lubrication for cold reduction tandem mills running light and heavy gauge material. This product incorporates meta stable emulsion technology that promotes oil plate out to provide optimum lubrication and maximum cooling.

Houghto Roll CRS 700 emulsion properties provide a high degree of detergency to the rolling solution. These detergent properties sweep iron fines and contaminants off the strip and into the solution system's dirty oil tank. In the dirty oil tank, some of these contaminants are collected on the top of the solution in a light foam. This foam is easily skimmed off to maintain a clean rolling solution. Other iron particles are carried in the emulsified oil droplets to the magnetic filters where they are separated and discarded.

The emulsion stability characteristics of Houghto Roll CRS 700 help minimize residual oil on the strip surface. Low residuals, together with the inherent volatility of the synthetic base lubricants, ensure clean strip after batch annealing.

Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding strip cleanliness
  • Excellent cleanability
  • Optimum roll-bit lubrication
  • Improved surface quality
  • High contamination resistance
  • Maximum heat transfer
  • Exceptional strip flatness

Houghto Roll CRS 700 contains specially formulated and reacted ingredients to provide the rolling versatility for a mill to roll its complete product mix with one oil and consistent with mill operating practices. This chemistry readily volatilized with low residuals in furnaces. Any remaining residuals will easily clean off in downstream processing.