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Product Description

Houghto Roll HR 100 is a high temperature, completely fluid lubricant for use in a multitude of hot rolling applications. The lubricant utilizes a carefully selected group of extreme pressure and polar additives which adhere to metal surfaces, lowering the coefficient of friction. The use of a variety of anti-wear and EP additives offers lubrication over a wide range of roll temperatures providing better roll life. The result is an improvement in surface quality due to a better condition of the rolls.

Houghto Roll HR 100 is easily applied as a very small concentration in the application header being mixed as close to the working area as possible. The oil is formulated such that it will mechanically disperse in the water, but given any opportunity to split out of the water it will readily do so, making it easily waste treated.

Hot strip mills, structural mills, large section mills and tube mills will especially benefit from the friction reducing characteristics of Houghto Roll HR 100. As a result, users of Houghto Roll HR 100 realize substantial increases in tons per hour and corresponding decreases in production costs on tons produced. Proper application of Houghto Roll HR 100 results in virtually 100% oil consumption at the rollbite. Residual oil carried into the water system will attach to scale particles and will be removed during scale removal.

Features & Benefits

  • Lubricates over a wide range of temperatures - Can be used on all mills in hot strip line
  • Provides better roll life - Lower roll costs
  • Preserves surface quality - Better customer acceptance
  • Lowers production costs - Saves money
  • Reduces mill loads - Lower electric costs
  • Readily separates from water - Easier environmental compliance

Warranty: The information given here is considered to be correct and is offered for your verification. No warranties are expressed or implied, since the use of our products is out of our control. Statements concerning the use of Houghton products are not to be construed as recommending the infringement of any product. Houghto Roll HR 100 is available in 55-gallon nonreturnable drums, totes and in bulk.