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Product Description

Houghto Roll PL-4188 is a synthetic sulfur containing pickle line coating oil formulated to provide excellent lubricity at the pickle line and on the tandem mill. It is compatible with all types of Houghton rolling oils as well as with rolling oils from other manufacturers.

Houghto Roll PL-4188 provides a physical barrier against scratching and gouging in the coiling, coil handling, and uncoiling processes.

Houghto Roll PL-4188 contains a sulfur additive that is inactive and non-staining at normal coil processing temperatures. In the roll bite, the extreme temperatures activate the EP lubrication characteristic of the sulfur compounds, adding to the film strength of the lubricant. Sulfur also minimizes or eliminates certain carbon defects that occur in the annealing of mill clean sheet.

Houghto Roll PL-4188 provides a high lubricity level that minimizes iron generation in the first stands of the mill. It contains highly volatile synthetic compounds which evaporate early in the anneal cycle, thereby aiding the overall volatilization of residual oil on the strip.

Features & Benefits

  • Strip cleanliness
  • Excellent lubricity
  • Compatibility with rolling oil
  • Emulsifies to maintain stand 1 coolant
  • No tramp oil contribution

Houghto Roll PL-4188 has been designed to be applied with an electrostatic oiler and will wet the steel surface to provide a uniform coating. Due to the formulation compatibility with the rolling oil, this product offers good economy for the total cost of lubricants for the cold reduction process.

When stored at temperatures of 30-35°C, Houghto Roll PL-4188 will have a storage life of 6 months. If there are any questions concerning the condition of this product, please send a sample to Houghton's Technical Service Team.