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Product Description

Houghto Seal A-617 is a 90° F sealing system for anodized aluminum. Parts sealed in Houghto Seal A-617 will pass the Dye Stain Test immediately after drying, but require at least 6 hours to pass the Modified Dye Stain Test and 24 hours to pass the Acid Dissolution Test (ADT). Full curing occurs in approximately 30 days. This curing can be accelerated by a 150° F deionized water rinse for 5 minutes and will pass the Modified Dye Stain and ADT tests once the workpiece dries.

Features & Benefits

  • Seals at 90°F
  • Significantly reduces energy consumption resulting in operating cost savings
  • Meets or exceeds the applicable Aluminum Association Standards For Anodized Architectural Aluminum and the US Department of Defense (MILA- 8625)
  • Houghto Seal A-617 is an all purpose sealer which will meet or exceed all sealing specifications and eliminates hot deionized water sealing
  • Can be used on clear, electrolytically colored, integrally colored and most dyed finishes
  • Versatile - only need one seal solution in the anodizing line