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Product Description

Houghto Strip 5941 is a hot, two component, metal safe paint stripper for difficult finishes, such as powder coatings. It will remove paint with little or no effect on the metal surface which is being stripped. Houghto Strip 5941 is the modern answer to one strip tank for all parts.

Tank should be mixed at following percentages: Alkaline Paint Stripper-40%, Houghto Strip 5941 - 15%. Tank is heated to 180°F. Agitation is required to facilitate stripping. Use high pressure water rinse and rust inhibitor where required.

Features & Benefits

  • Works with all alkaline paint stripping products
  • Strips the most difficult paints and powder coatings
  • Decreases stripping time when compared to single component products
  • Multi-metal safe when used with the appropriate alkaline paint stripper
  • Free rinsing for easy coating removal